Home: The Playstation 3 Killer App

Home: PS3's Virtual Reality 3D Game World

Home for Playstation 3 has been announced by Sony!! Home is a 3D virtual reality game for PS3 that will take the gaming world by storm. Here are the top features of Home:

  • Home is THE killer app for Playstation 3.
  • Home features avatars more customizable than any game on the market today.
  • Home will be free for all PS3 owners.
  • Home is a 3D virtual reality world on par with Second Life.
  • Home features media sharing such as sharing songs.
  • Home will be released for beta test in April with the final release coming during Summer.

Home is basically a social MMO game on steroids. Imagine the Mii game times one thousand... that is what Home will be. Home is going to sell more Playstation 3 consoles than any other game for the foreseeable future. It's that revolutionary.

For Home screenshots see here. Prepare to be amazed.

For a good mainstream news article on Home see here.

Check back here frequently for more information about Home. If you don't own a Playstation 3 then you're going to miss out on the greatest game to come out in years. Home is taking the world by storm.